Otis 16 Shotgun Bore Brush

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Otis Shotgun Bore Brush You will find that the brushes produced by OTIS will give you many times the life of most brushes. This is due to the superior construction and engineered features incorporated into the brush, such as a precision thread with no weak undercut. These brushes have a Tufcor® proprietary core wire that is corrosive resistant, has a tighter twist for better bristle retention, and can be used with all firearm cleaning chemicals. Otis premium bore brushes also have twice the fill as other brushes, the stem is cold welded to the core, and the brushes are filled to the end. Each brush features the size stamped on the stem and color-coded core wire to easily identify the brush size; this means that you will never clean your gun with the wrong brush. Available in calibers: .410 Gauge 28 Gauge 20 Gauge 16 Gauge 10/12 Gauge OBS! Specificera vilken kaliber du vill ha i kommentarsfältet! I lager. .
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