Dillon Square Deal ”B” Reservdelssats

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Dillon Square Deal ”B” Reservdelssats


Dillon Square Deal "B" Reservdelssats 20778 Don't risk downtime waiting for a replacement part! 4 SD Wave Bearings, 1 SD Detent Ball, 1 SD Ejector Wire, 2 Magazine Orifices (small), 2 Magazine Orifices (large), 1 SD Slide Return Spring, 1 Toolhead Friction Pale, 2 Pistol Decapping Pins, 1 Bellcrank Cube, 2 Pickup Tube Tips large (green tipped), 2 Pickup Tube Tips small (yellow tipped), 4 Locator Pins(one each #s 1,2,3,4), 1 SD Shellplate Bolt, 1 SD Index Lever Assembly, 1 Primer Seat Punch Spring, 1 Small Primer Seat Punch, 1 Large Primer Seat Punch, 1 tinnerman insert, 1 indexer return Spring, 2 pickup Tube Retaining Clips, 1 dispensing tip (Large), 1 dispensing tip (Small), 1 spacer bar retaining plug. https://www.dillonprecision.com/sdb-spare-parts-kit_8_113_23521.html

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