Dillon Crimp Die .32 S&W/H&R

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Dillon Crimp Dies We've made it easy for you to remove the die insert for cleaning without having to change the critical crimp adjustment. Once your crimp die is set for the proper amount of crimp, you'll never have to change it. This is especially good news for all of you who load lead bullets! Before, you had to unscrew the die from the toolhead and disassemble the die in order to remove any bullet lube or lead residue. Then, you had to start from square one to re-adjust the crimp. Those days are over. All you have to do now is pop a clip and the die insert drops into your hand for cleaning. http://www.dillonprecision.com/ Följande finns tillgängliga: 9mm Taper Crimp (även lämpligt till kaliber .38 när kulan saknar crimp-rill) .45 ACP (14441) 32 S&W/H&R (14107)
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