ASG Grid mask

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ASG Grid mask A slim profile design, with anti-fog steel-grid lens, provides comfortable protection. The soft frame is ventilated and provides a tight seal on the face, protecting the eyes from any BB´s. The slim-fit face protection lets you shoulder your weapon comfortable. Can be worn with prescription glasses. Easy adjustable elastic headband, keeps the mask on during vigorous activities. Features: Anti-Fog steel grid lenses prevents fogging caused by the temperature difference between indoor & outdoor or between on-site and ambient environment. Soft rubber frame features excellent resistance to cold and heat and provides a perfect facial seal. Fits over glasses. Indirect ventilation system located at the top and bottom of frame allow air flow & heat release. Slim-fit face protection with unobstructed breathing. Includes a adjustable elastic strap for secure fit. Optional PU foam padding included. Offers protection from excessive glare.
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