ASG 8,4v, Battery, 1400mAh NiMH, tube

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ASG 8,4v, Battery, 1400mAh NiMH, tube 15088 This NiMH battery pack, is recommended for standard AEG's, and will fit inside most AEG's with small tube shaped battery compartments. A NiMH battery offers you a hassle free, reliable and robust power source. They offer a flatter discharge rate, than traditional batteries, Providing a stable rate of fire during their use. Other advantages of NiMH batteries are, that they don’t need to be completely discharged before charging. And they can be rapidly charged in as little as one hour. It is recommended that the battery, be fully discharged once in a while to keep the battery at peak performance. ASG's many NiMH batteries are all ROHS certified. Each cell, as well as each pack, have been tested for voltage, capacity and internal resistance, to ensure that they comply with the high performance standard, airsoft users request and deserve. Length:194mm/inch Width:18/18 mm Weight:157gr/0,3lb
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